Monday, August 14, 2006

This just ruined August

Damn it!

First those weird, kinda frightening commercials with guys rubbing all up on him and now the news via Deadspin that Joe Buck will be on the air for roughly two more hours every Sunday... even if he's not ruining your home team's game.

You know, two things for the record here.

One, I never really cared what channel I had on for NFL pregame, but it was usually FOX because I'm an NFC Guy. No more. CBS all the way until the NFC kicks off.

Two, despite being a Packer fan, you had to give it to Moss for doing something different after that TD. Granted, I was also looking forward to seeing if Chad Johnson really did hit a deer and kept it in his garage last year, so I'm not the best person to talk to on this one, but still.

The way Buck flipped out was pretty priceless. In fact, here it is for your repeated viewing pleasure. Joe Buck, ladies and gents - the main reason your TV has a mute button!

Looks like Tim McCarver will have an extra two hours of quiet study time every Sunday now - maybe he can get a majority of the names he pronounces/facts he spouts out correct in 2007... nah.


Frank the Tank said...

I know from your perspective the Curse of the Bambino references in 2003 and 2004 put you over the top regarding Joe Buck. For me, it's his constant reminders that the Bears have gone through 8,754 quarterbacks since Brett Favre began starting for the Packers.

At least I believe Buck can be cured. He'd be fine if he could lay off all of the "curse" crap he throws out for every team outside of the Cardinals. There's no helping Tim McCarver, though.

Minneapolis Red Sox said...

Do you think that Buck was the nerd on his floor his freshman year of college, who got wind of one inside joke and just pounded the hell out of it for the next three months steady and every social occasion for four years following?

I do.

I can see him chasing down someone he hadn't seen for three years at a house party, yelling, "Steel-belted thongs! Remember that, Jimbo? Remember the steel belts? Oh, yeah!"

He seems to enjoy latching onto shit like that.