Sunday, January 21, 2007

I know, I know - Super Bowl, Super Bears

Quick hits from today's Bears/Saints game (4:19 left in the fourth right now, with Thomas Jones putting the final nail in the coffin) which I partly heard on the radio, partly saw on TV and partly napped through:

* During the radio pregame, they were giving it up for Lovie Smith and his decision to keep Rex Grossman in as his quarterback. The only hitch was that because of the way they said it - "It's the playoffs now and Lovie's stuck with Grossman" - it was hard to tell if that meant "Lovie has stuck with Grossman" or "Lovie is stuck with Grossman."

That's problematic.

* Good job with the double flip off on a panning crowd shot, where one guy stood there and gave the camera the bird and the other wandered into the aisle to really sell his point. Since then, all the crowd shots from that sideline tractor have gone by really quickly.

* Virginia McCaskey looks good, huh? And there's Mike! Man, he looks like a movie bad guy more and more these days.

* After halftime as the Bears were getting ready to take the field, they were playing the Grossman's QB rating game again. Yes, we know, he's inconsistient, but that shouldn't be the biggest issue with his season.

I had Bull Durham flashbacks to when the manager was going over Nuke's stats for the game - both new league records.

* If I forget, will someone please remind me to talk about cold weather and why it shouldn't be a big advantage to anyone at all? It'll give me something to do later this week.

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